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Сентябрь 4th, 2010

Escorts Kiev

kiev-escort-models.comMy mouth is full of alfalfa and capers, wet my pants with excitement: a new night and came to me, a roll of egg saucer — escorts Kiev!
A priest was trembling on the screen with hundreds of rows and trembling tenor paraphrases a saint, mirage escort Ukraine. Deacon, Deacon, why do you adjusted his spectacles? The point whether the faithful — to care for their glasses? On such a night …
When I slept with the unloved woman, I thought that happiness — is to sleep with the woman he loved. What I was romantic. What a lucky man. Carefree buddy carefree men.
O Lord my escorts Kiev, and sometimes we make love. But do not sleep together than ever. Someone someone does not trust one of us, probably. «I go to sleep, and you knife razdvinesh my teeth and spit in his mouth.» I did not go to the kitchen for a cigarette, wrapped in a sheet — and I say about his teachings! Caked with a drop of fresh … blood.
Fresh blood bad fit with corpses spots, but the deacon? With corpses heels … Scab … Skinny heels Galilee foundling … Pubic lice — it is worse than the crown of thorns?
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Сентябрь 3rd, 2010

Ukraine escorts

kiev-golden-escorts.comI can reproach myself that so easily agreed to let you go, drove deep into their sense of themselves, impersonal its main receptors … Now it sleeps. Waiting in the wings. But every time I see a pretty independent Ukraine escort girl, she, like a transformer, turns on you. It is similar to your height, color and length of hair, the shape of your beautiful (albeit dictatorship) person … I’m breaking to rush to her, called her by name, but … It’s not you. My body, like radar, defines you for me Ukraine escorts data, but these data are unique. No one except you can not influence this radar as you, even if it is something like you.
Who can tell us about our Ukraine escorts happiness? How it will be. Who will be the only one that is designed just for you. Ta, which overshadow all the past shows the future and get in return from you the same. It will be like thunder. Suddenly, violently and long. Its society will harbor, in which we both will come back every evening, which will spend the evening and night, to wait the storm, storm, Ukraine escorts. read more »